About Us

Our mission is to increase the intrinsic and extrinsic value of start-ups, existing businesses, and causes through business strategy consulting that improves cultural, financial and company or venture-specific outcomes.

Who We Are

A different kind of consultancy

We believe in the process AND we believe the process should be as fulfilling as the outcome.  We pay attention to both content and context. Our backgrounds enable us to simultaneously hold micro and macro perspectives.

We believe that consulting should not suck!

Who We’re Not

We are not “Yes” people. We will respectfully share our data-driven thoughts and opinions to create best outcomes. If you’re looking for someone to substantiate a pre-drawn conclusion, we’re not your people. We’re not saying it won’t happen, but it’ll only happen if that’s what we find.  Spinning metrics or squeezing square objects into round holes isn’t our style. Our clients come to us for straight-shooting feedback, in-depth discovery processes, and genuine partnership, none of which are compatible with a “yes” person mentality.

We are not interested in wasting time. Not yours nor ours.  If we don’t think we are the best match, we won’t waste your time; we’ll refer you to someone else.

Consulting that doesn't suck.

Inspired by a desire to offer deep value to emerging and existing companies in a variety of business development areas, Raychel Muenke, PhD .and Malte Muenke combined their business, systems, industry, and academic expertise to found NextCurrent in 2016.

With combined decades of high level corporate employment, they had extensive experience with consultancies who promised big results (with high price tags) that not only didn’t materialize, but that wasted time and resources while eroding trust. Yet knowing that outside perspectives are key to running a successful business or venture, they wanted to start a consultancy that genuinely delivers on its promises, adding both bottom-line and cultural value in bold, innovative, and delightful ways. See their bios for more information on their unique areas of expertise. 

NextCurrent partners with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and existing companies on organizational and cultural, operational, technical, and product strategy, as well as with companies going through mergers and acquisitions.

If you have an interesting challenge and our ethos appeals to you...
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