Mergers and Acquisitions

Position your company to transition effectively and efficiently.

Have you ever had the experience of something looking great on paper, but it turns into a disaster in real life? Too many mergers and acquisitions end up turning into this type of scenario.

NextCurrent is not a financial organization (you need someone else to analyze the finances), but we deeply understand culture. We know what it takes to fit two disparate pieces together to create one harmonious whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We look beyond the bottom line to assess organizational and cultural fit.  And yes, we do believe the bottom line is important too.

We  analyze culture and soft compatibility metrics to help you decide whether this is the right merger or acquisition for you. We provide a clear analysis of whether cultural challenges will stand in the way of synergy and integration, and if so, what can be done to best align the two merging cultures in support of desired synergistic result.

In addition to the more immediate synergies,  we keep our eye on long-term sustainability. Even successful M&As have bumps in the road. When the honeymoon period fades, new challenges often arise, resulting in a talent drain. Our M&A strategies include key integration plans and processes that set you up for engagement, retention, and sustainable success over time.

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