Our Process

Our Process

We believe the process should be as fulfilling as the outcome.  We pay attention to both content and context. Our backgrounds enable us to simultaneously hold micro and macro perspectives.

After defining the project and scope, now it’s time to dive in and get to the root causes of the challenge. We’ll identify those amazing strengths that every company has, as well as areas of opportunity for fine tuning to create the desired kind of growth, culture, and product you're looking for.

This is  where the partnership between NextCurrent+Client heats up. After compiling various data points, we will analyze how they go together to create a pattern. What does the pattern show? How is this to be interpreted? We combine our outside perspective with your inside knowledge to deeply penetrate how that data makes sense within the context of your stated goals.

This is the HEART of the partnership. Our outside perspective plus your participation and buy-in ensures the result is greater than the sum of the parts. We typically take an iterative approach. We might (jointly!) come up with multiple options, pressure test them together and decide which one to dig into further. We deliver an overall and roll-out strategy presentation with key leaders and team members at the end of this stage of the process to ensure everyone is aware of what's required of them going forward.

At NextCurrent we are happy to hand you a strategic plan and leave the rest to you. We also recognize there are times when extra support or a continued outside perspective is key to keeping an initiative on track. Any way you cut it, we’re invested in your success. We are here to either substantially support you further—we don’t offer or push unnecessary hand holding— or to cheer you on from the sidelines.

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