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Raychel Muenke, PhD

Co-Founder, NextCurrent
There's nothing I love more than a challenge. Give me a Gordian knot and I'll break it down into a step-by-step plan to a solution."

Raychel is a strategist who brings a combined expertise in psychology, neuropsychology, project and people management, business strategy and organizational development, and large-scale event planning and execution. She has the ability to see, articulate and map out what is needed to get from point A to point B while maximizing efficiencies and favorable outcomes.

She uses her business, psychological, intellectual and interpersonal acumen to foster innovation in the leaders, teams, and organizations she partners with. She delivers insights and creates plans to foster cultural and organizational congruence with company values to not only increase success and market share, but also to create personally meaningful results for all involved.

Raychel’s analytical mind operates at warp speed, making her observations and analyses highly valuable and well organized out of the gate. Her no-nonsense get-things-done attitude is delightfully balanced by her tireless sense of humor, inimitable vibrant warmth and charm, quick wit, and positive outlook.

Raychel is a passionate advocate for equal rights, equal access to resources, and equality across the board as the sine qua non of an enlightened modern day society.

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